Michael from UK

I’m sure you really don’t need me to say how much better  the icOn 5  actually is.. because you already know this to be true. This is  exactly what you set out to achieve… and you have  done…emphatically, the ultimate autoformer attenuation device is  here. As you say in possibly the final development for  this technology.. and I am delighted  that I have the privilege to own one. Yet, after previously being so content with the icOn 4, it really doesn’t prepare you for just  how profoundly different next level will  turn out be. Now I find the step change, to this higher plateau, demands a complete re evaluation. Its not just another component  with marginal gains. With the icOn 5  in my system, it seems  to enhance the performance of everything connected to it. It takes a while to absorb this level of instant upgrade, nothing I have previously experienced comes near to this. The 136 steps of attenuation is absolutely sumptuous, maintaining the dynamics and details proportionally at lower levels, results in a more harmonious relaxing audio experience. Listening to music is a time and space experience, with the icOn 5 effectively performing as a super conductor, flowing our precious signals so efficiently , that the time and space is flooded with more music and less of anything else .This is the best way I can understand this, by describing it as a light speed audio effect.The resulting completeness of sound is simply magical to me.. I salute your work Pal, I believe this is the end game design for attenuation from what I know.. and given the laws of physics and known materials, this will be so for a very long time..bravo!

All the very best Michael


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May 31, 2024

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