icOn 5

I’m truly impressed by the new icOn 5. It signifies a substantial leap ahead from the already outstanding and widely popular 4PRO models. The inclusion of the optional input buffer, coupled with the lower inductance autoformers (crafted by Dave Slagle), along with the finely adjustable volume control in increments of 0.5 dB and the tilt control, results in an astonishingly lifelike auditory experience.

The unit also boasts eight pairs of RCA sockets with customizable functionality for users and has remarkably precise volume adjustment capabilities (spanning 136 steps within an 83 dB range). I find it hard to imagine that I’ll manage to create a superior audio control unit in the times ahead—perhaps only a distinct one. More info…

$ 5,555$ 7,855

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  • unprecedented 136 steps over an 83 dB attenuation range
  • 0.5 dB steps from +3 dB to -47 dB and 1 dB from -48 dB to -80 dB
  • unbalanced operation, you can connect balanced devices through XLR to RCA cables or adapters
  • 8 pair RCA sockets with user reconfigurable functionality
  • 6 input & 2 output, 5 input & 3 output, 5 input & 2 output + 1 line output
  • AV bypass optionally
  • improved linearity and transparency due to the new, lower inductance Dave Slagle autoformer
  • optional input buffer for the total source compatibility
  • FET switches for the autoformer taps' selection
  • Max. input level: 6V RMS (17 Vpp)
  • one HV input till 20V RMS (56 Vpp) input signal with an additional resistive attenuator
  • balance, mute and standby mode
  • tilt control (defeat-able) with 8x0.5 dB steps for fine-tuning the record and room acoustic imbalances
  • remote-controlled output selector
  • large (1") 3-digit white display with 2 brightness and night mode
  • Apple IR remote control
  • optical encoder and touch button for the manual operations
  • 130mm high enclosure (W 134mm x L 260mm)

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