“The Worst Review ever”

Yes, you read it right.

Not because icOn would be expensive, on the contrary.

Not because of the looks; while not Electronluv style, it has a minimalist post industrial bijou presentation, which should prepare you for the …surprise.

Did I write “surprise” ? Wrong, we are talking about an electric shock! You unpack it, connect it, then it’s not there anymore …it really disappeared !?

Yes, free way to emotion on sound from my SD card direct input of an APL custom made DAC, till the end.

And believe me, the David Berning VT-52 ZOTL didn’t do anything to hinder it, then the Cube Audio single driver orgasmotrons were completing the trip.

Did I say trip? Yes, completely legal and real, and heavenly musical.

You don’t have to believe me, but at your own peril.

I spent the last 30 years learning and passionately experimenting (usually financially unwisely, says my accountant here) , I built 12 m long bass horns, browsed more than 50 amps and preamps searching for that elusive cost no object, “perfect” sound.

You’d ask, why the “worst” review; well, after Pal and Agnes sent their icOn to me, I had to get rid of its 20k predecessor, and my journey, which was so frustrating and rewarding at the same time, came to an end as well.

Don’t buy it, unless you’ll accept this is the last purchase you are making.

On the other hand, now my music flows noise and virus free, and makes me happy, my true companion which I can hug, without any kind of inhibitions or masks around.

Dan S.


Posted on

September 13, 2021

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