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“I am listening to Bill Evans at the moment and the sound is really divine. The combination of the cartridge and preamp really brings out the best of this vinyl recording.”

“Hi Pal, The icOn 4PRO arrived safely. Wow, what fantastic packaging, inside and out! Beautiful piece of equipment! It has been installed and connected. Everything is ship-shape. Just now listening to it in the system with a Soundsmith Strain Gauge preamp and cart via unbalanced RCA. And thank you for the chocolates!I must say that so far I am very impressed with the entire experience. Communication payment has been very easy and painless. It has been a real pleasure. The early shipment was a nice surprise and shipping was completely straight forward with no gotchas. And the packaging is beyond professional. Exceptionally well thought out. The final product is a pleasure to the eye and senses, not to mention to the ears. Well done.”

Thanks, best regards and Merry Christmas, Ron

Real balanced operation

When only the best will do! Double pair Slagle silver wired autoformers for real balanced operation, Lundahl silver input transformers for the single-ended signals coming from the silver WBT RCA sockets, rhodium-plated Furutech XLR sockets … all these built into the current audiophile superstar icOn 4PRO Model 4 balanced passive preamp. Not for the faint-hearted.

High purity

Furutech rhodium plated XLR sockets with pure copper conductors, WBT-0210 Ag high purity silver RCAs, double pair bespoke Slagle silver wired autoformers for real balanced operation, 68 remote controlled steps, exceptional 75 dB attenuation range, high tech German CNC machined rear and faceplates, smart features, the most transparent and comfortable sound control without any “own sound” or coloration, very happy and satisfied customers worldwide, high end without the eye-watering price tag of other competitors… Yes. This is one example from our icOn 4PRO AVC passive peamp product family. Any disadvantage? Sorry, there is one … you should wait 2-3 months for it due to the ever growing demand.

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