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icOn 4PRO balanced

Remote controlled passive preamp with 68 steps and 2 different input/output configurations, truly balanced with 2 pairs of autoformers, input and output selector,120mm high enclosure (W 134mm x L 260mm)

The input signal should be differential balanced with ground reference. The “floating” balanced signal (from an output transformer) can be handled as single-ended only.

click on the arrow to see the rear plate

click on the arrow to see the rear plate

icOn 4PRO unbalanced preamp

Passive preamp with 2 pair RCA + 2 pair XLR sockets, 1 XLR + 1 RCA IN / 1 XLR + 1 RCA OUT input/output configurations, enclosure height 82 mm (W 124mm x L 260mm). 

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