I am totally satisfied

I am an extremely satisfied customer. I was looking for a passive preamp to feed my Jadis DA5 with a signal coming from some  DAC’s (fed by a Prime Minias Nucleus core for running Roon). I needed three inputs (for the different voltages of the DAC’s (1, 2, 3 V)) and just one output. The output was adjusted to the particular max. output level of my Jadis (400 mV) to avoid clipping. Whenever the preamp is turned on, it starts at level 4 (almost silent).

All this tailor made by Pal, who was extremely helpful (we chatted a few days to get the optimalsetting).The price tag is hefty, yes, but for a tailor-made machine of this extremely good quality, it ismore than reasonable (although not a bargain). I refrain from any comparisons to describe the sound quality: I am totally satisfied and could not wish for anything better.5 stars!

Jürgen Dix


Posted on

October 11, 2020