icOn 4 zen

icOn 4 Zen is on stock again! Order now, it’s fantastic for this low price, isn’t it?

$ 1,950 ex. VAT

68 steps over a 72 dB range, mostly in 1 dB increments
2 input, 2 output pair RCA sockets
6Vrms maximum input level
no optical encoder, acrylic faceplate

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From a happy customer:

I think by now I have a clear idea as to what I have got with your preamp. To cut the long story short – everything is great. Since I was always connecting my phonostage directly into the power amps, it was really easy to establish what – if anything – has changed with the introduction of the Zen. And the answer is: nothing. The only difference is a positive one – I can now listen to much lower volumes without any degradation in tone or dynamics. And that is not a small thing. Now, in addition to that, I can also connect a better DAC into the system, without being constrained by the need to use a DAC with its own volume control. And so I did, by, first, (re)introducing Metrum’s Pavane into the system, and then swapping it for Metrum Amethyst. Amethyst is a lesser DAC, of course, but then I can make use of Pavane’s balanced outputs to better effect where it really matters – in a headphone system in the office. So, all in all, I am really happy with what I have now.
Thank you very much again!

icon4zen einstein

- Slagle autoformers, the same as in the more expensive models, which means exactly the same sound
- unbalanced, 2 RCA in, 2 RCA out (one RCA out can be a line out without attenuation)
- 68 steps
- Max. input level: 6V RMS
- Apple Remote compatible OEM remote
- power: 5V/1A
- 2-digit amber LED display, volume display in dB or in numbers
- balance function
- night mode: the volume display goes off after remote operations
- stand by: preserves the settings instead to switch off with the power switch
- one push-button “Zen” control on the faceplate, the main controller is the remote
- 1-year warranty

Shipping cost:
United Kingdom: $45
Europe: $100
United States: $100
Rest of the world: $130