icOn 4PRO unbalanced preamp

$ 2,950 ex. VAT

Passive preamp with 5 pair RCA or 2 pair RCA + 2 pair XLR sockets with different input/output configurations, input & output selector, enclosure height 82 mm (W 124mm x L 260mm)


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  • Volume positions: 68
  • Volume range: 75 dB, from +3dB to -72 dB
  • Max. input level: 8V RMS / 22.5Vpp
  • Volume step size: 58 x 1 dB, 7x 2 dB steps and 1x 3dB (which are scattered at low volumes)
  • IR remote control: with Apple remote
  • optical encoder and touch button for the manual operations
  • unbalanced signal path with 1 pair autoformer
  • balance, mute and standby mode
  • AV pass-through as an option
  • LED display with 2 brightness and night mode
  • FET switches for the autoformer taps' selection
  • Dave Slagle autoformers
  • remote-controlled output selector except for the models with XLR sockets
  • 3 different input / output configurations

- 4 IN / 1 OUT
- 3 IN / 2 OUT
- 1 XLR + 1 RCA IN / 1 XLR + 1 RCA OUT, in this model the XLR inputs and outputs are electronically balanced and there is no output selector.

Shipping cost:
United Kingdom: $45
Europe: $100
United States: $100
Rest of the world: $130

What others say

“I must say the unit is quite transparent, more so than the other preamps I have, and the level of detail is quite impressive.  You obviously have designed a great product and I am quite pleased.”