IcOn is a new concept in how we listen to recorded music in the home

Throughout history – icons have been recognised as people or objects that don’t just stand out from the crowd but are instantly recognised as being great in what they are or do.

Famous buildings can be iconic because of their architecture and their beauty, and people likewise can be iconic because of their achievements.

The Tower of London is an iconic building known throughout the World as a building where infamous deeds were done, as well as its unique design.

Iconic people are those who have made a mark in history, such as Winston Churchill, and more recently Muhammad Ali who arguably both changed the World.

Ali certainly was the greatest boxer and was self proclaimed in that respect.

The Life-Changer Audio UK icOn too is a self proclaimed icon being the greatest audio controller of them all.


Flexible, totally transparent, and brilliantly simple to use – simply the greatest.

Forget it’s there – and listen to the music, as it disappears from the aural scene as if by magic.

A true icon in the world of music.

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