Advantages of icOn2

  • icOn 2 is a smart, passive transformer based control unit
  • The key to icOn 2 is its complete flexibility in being customisable to YOUR requirements
  • There are two basic configurations for icOn 2 - the icOn 2 Light  without TFT display, smart features and Menu system for purist audiophiles and icon 2  with display, but other input configurations can be specified by YOU
  • icOn 2 has automatic level matching of inputs (tape monitor too) to prevent abrupt level changes when switching between sources of varying levels. These differences could be even 20 dB (200 mV for a tuner or phono and 2000 mV for a CD player or DAC) and this smart function can protect the owner's ears and the precious loudspeaker drivers.
  • icOn 2 is 100% passive and sonically transparent
  • The sound level can be adjusted remotely with a total of 45 steps, 41 of which are 1dB, meaning that the changes in level is seamless, with the channel balance adjusted in 1dB steps should this be necessary
  • Level switching is carried out using high quality industrial grade and hermetically sealed reed relays which eliminate the possibility of contact errors from conventional open rotary switches used on many other passive attenuators
  • Unlike resistive loaded preamps, icOn 2 overcomes any impedance mismatching between source and power amplifier, which is a key factor in preserving the sound quality
  • The channel balance of icOn 2 is exemplary at 0.05dB - virtually undetectable by the human ear
  • icOn 2 can be connected to equipment without any sensitivity issues to cable lengths and capacitance, thus improving its interconnect flexibility
  •  icOn 2 could be ordered with a tape loop as an option, enabling recording, playback and monitoring from an analogue recording device as a R2R
  • icOn 2 has a sleep mode and mute function, which preserves any settings made prior to this being activated, and negating the needs to reset the levels everytime
  • All functions such as volume (up and down), balance, mute, source selection, and tape loop are controlled remotely with an Apple remote, which enables the listener to make adjustments in his seating position, and not where the equipment is located
  • An integral TFT display provides important information on the status of icOn 2, so it's easy to see whats happened and make any changes
  • The firmware is upgradable through a standard USB port which means that the listener can add new features as and when they become available
  • icOn 2 could have a 12v trigger output as an option, which can be used to activate other equipment that can use this facility
  • icOn 2 comes with a 2 or 3 years ( return to base) warranty, depending on the configuration

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